At ALMA Light we are designers and manufacturers of decorative light fixtures since 1989. Our activity goes from the development of the concept that stems from our own ideas -or from our team of local designers-, through the selection of materials and local suppliers that bring our ideas to life, to the final assembly in our workshop, located in the Barcelona neighborhood of Poblenou.

At ALMA Light we believe in proximity, responsible consumption and environmental criteria when putting our company philosophy into practice. By working with nearby designers and suppliers, we support and promote local production, making true the statement that "Barcelona is the city of design" and generating prosperity in the network of small industrialists around us, thus preserving the skills and knowledge of all those lifelong professionals, an invisible heritage of our city that, perhaps otherwise, would end up being lost. Own manufacturing method allows us to control each step of the process and this results in quality and finishes. Having our own workshop makes us autonomous, flexible and adaptable, able to produce the light fixtures in our catalog with care and detail. We can also embark on the manufacture of some special project, since there are more and more companies from all over the world that trust us to make customized luminaires for large installations.

ALMA Light's decorative lighting fixtures have a luxuriously Mediterranean, artisan spirit, with well-crafted models. They are careful, elegant, original products and are almost always made with noble materials. An ALMA Light luminaire brings a touch of luxury to each space, generating positive emotions and bringing the feeling that one is actually in front of a work of art.

Alma Light in press

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