In ALMA LIGHT we manufacture decorative light fittings. Our products made in Barcelona stand out for their contemporary design, excellent price-performance relationship, short delivery times and effective customer support.

In ALMA LIGHT we love what we do. We believe in our product. We are from Barcelona and we focus on local designers and supplier proximity, but our market is the world.

The brand ALMA LIGHT has a Mediterranean spirit, it is warm, handcrafted, with models well worked and original fittings made with noble materials. Our product made in Barcelona is of elegant contemporary design, and generates positive emotions. What motivates us most is to see our creations installed in remote places, illuminating special moments and lives full of content.

The story of ALMA LIGHT began in 1989 when the Cubiñá family decided to establish the company HUSTADT ILUMINACION S.A. in Barcelona. At the beginning we dealt with the distribution in Spain of luminaires, mainly from Northern Europe, but in 2003 we ventured from distributor to producer with our own brand ALMA LIGHT, with the wish to achieve greater autonomy and to be able to develop products that fit more with our concept of design, with the aim of opening new markets. Since then, ALMA LIGHT has specialized in the creation of decorative lamps and in the production of special luminaires for installations.
Today we are known both nationally and internationally and we participate in the most important fairs in the lighting sector. ALMA LIGHT products are characterized by their excellent quality-cost relationship, short delivery times and effective customer support before and after the sale.

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