by Josep Novell  and Josep Puig i Cabeza

Tiny (ref. 4370)

by Josep Novell  and Josep Puig i Cabeza

The TINY collection is specifically designed for the lighting of gardens or terraces.

TINY reminds us of the ancient torches that, at night, signaled the entrance ways to an estate or to palace gardens. Its soft-sifted white light is capable of giving life to a garden, the surroundings of a swimming pool, an outdoor terrace, a balcony or a nighttime recreation area. It is a collection of small luminaires of wall, barrier and table, completely waterproof and designed for outdoors, since they are IP45. The TINY for wall must be bolted to a vertical surface, the TINY for blank walls must be screwed on the top horizontal part of the wall or on a concrete floor, and the table TINY can be placed on top of any surface, as long as it is near a plug.

TINY has three types of tubular shade, according to the shape of its base: cylindrical, quadrangular and triangular. It is made of rotomolded polyethylene that filters the light without producing shadows, while the structure is made of matt nickel-finish brass. The socket is of type E27 to house a halogen bulb max. 20W, or a LED lamp.

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