by Josep Novell  and Josep Puig

Tiny (ref. 2375)

by Josep Novell  and Josep Puig

The TINY collection is expressly designed for signaling and lighting outdoor spaces such as gardens or terraces.

TINY reminds us of the ancient torches that at night marked the entrance paths to an estate or the palatial gardens. Its soft filtered light is capable of giving life to a garden, the surroundings of a swimming pool, an outdoor terrace, a balcony, or a night recreation area such as an urban square or a promenade avenue; so the TINY collection is ideal for all those outdoor spaces.

TINY has 3 models (sconce, table lamp and bollard), each of which is available in 3 types of shade (round, square or triangular). The TINY wall lamp is screwed to a vertical surface, the bollard is installed also screwed in a wall or concrete floor, and the table lamp is a movable lamp that can be placed on any surface, as long as it is near a socket. The TINY are waterproof since they have IP65. The shades are made of rotomoulded polyethylene that filters light without producing shadows and the structures are made of satin nickel brass. The lamp holder is E27 and the bulb is not included.

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