Led Pole

by Cristian Cubiñá

Led Pole (ref. 3160)

by Cristian Cubiñá

LED POLE is a floor lamp of clean forms, a vertical cylinder of 190cm that produces an upward light through a diffuser in its upper part.

LED POLE is a satin pole of light, an imposing luminous stick. From its disc-shaped base, a tube of cylindrical section rises, culminating in a screen of methacrylate, of identical section, inside of which there is a powerful LED. TLED POLE is a functional luminaire, without artifice. It provides an ambient illumination that can also be regulated in intensity, obtaining the light that requires every moment, from a maximum power of 2000 lumens to a minimum intensity, very soft and intimate. It is perfect for the living room of a home, offices, for the lounge of a hotel, the common area of ​​an installation and, generally, for any space that requires indirect and adjustable lighting.

LED POLE consists of a single model with several finishes. The structure is of extruded aluminum and the screen is made of sandblasted methacrylate. On the cable there is a pulsation dimmer, which will increase or decrease the intensity of light as needed. The lamp, included, is a Talex Stark module of 20W LED with a warm temperature of 3000K.

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