by Cristian Cubiñá

Bell (ref. 2050)

by Cristian Cubiñá

BELL is a small luminaire with the form that used to have the old hotel desk bells that warned the receptionist.

What strikes us most about the BELL is its exotic, summery and elegant air, able to gracefully illuminate a restaurant table or outdoor terrace, or be used as ambient lighting in ‘chillout’ spaces. It is made of fine materials -wood, stainless steel, polished and varnished brass- which makes it a refined product and perfectly fits in select environments, especially gardens, terraces, yachts and outdoor dining areas.

BELL is a wireless lamp.It is made of solid wood of a tropical tree called ‘iroko’, which is ideal for outdoor use because it is strong, stable, invulnerable to insects and resistant to the elements. BELL has IP45.The light source is a Cree LED of 1,3W, with 3000K of temperature and a maximum intensity of 150 lumens. The light is dimmable in intensity with the above mentioned ‘on/off/diming touch dimmer’ located in the base. Its lithium polymer battery is rechargeable by any USB -the same as we use for our Android mobile-, it takes about 5 hours to charge and offers an autonomy of about 7 hours 

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