Edf Saclay


Edf Saclay (ref. Campus Formation Groupe Edf Saclay)


There are more and more companies around the world who trust ALMA Light to manufacture their customized light fixtures for large installations. Our own manufacturing capacity and the fact of owning our workshop make us autonomous, flexible and adaptable, able to produce the lamps in our catalog with care and detail, and at the same time embark on the manufacturing of special projects. Therefore, if your company is managing a large project for which custom luminaires must be developed, as long as the quantities represent a certain volume, do not hesitate to send us your request via email, along with the idea, required units, measurements, sketches, drawings, diagrams, situation plans... and our Technical Department will study your proposal and offer you a solution adapted to your needs.

• ALMA Light produces light fixtures Made in Barcelona

• High quality in materials and finishes

• Customizable designs

• Development of special projects

• Speed and reliability

• Agile and effective after-sales service

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