by Josep Novell  and Josep Puig

PotLight (ref. 2460)

by Josep Novell  and Josep Puig

POTLIGHT is a table lamp with a ceramic base and a shade made up of two glass cylinders that leave a space between them that can be filled. Its most original and striking feature, therefore, is the possibility of changing its appearance, offering countless possibilities for customization by introducing small everyday objects that one can place between the two glasses.

We love POTLIGHT for its originality and versatility when it comes to designing its look at will. The 2cm of space left between both glasses allow the personalization of the shade with paper, fabric, wood shavings, food items, jewelry, marbles, photos... or any contribution born from the user's imagination and creativity as long as it is not liquids! Christmas, family celebrations, parties or events can be illuminated with one or several POTLIGHTs decorated for the occasion, or a restaurant can modify the appearance of tables, depending on the season or the menu it is offering. The lamp, even naked, with nothing between the shades, is beautiful and ideal for placing on a piece of furniture or a shelf, in a restaurant or hotel facility, or in a cultural or retail project. When customized, it makes any place and opportunity special: POTLIGHT offers infinite variations that the user can create without any effort.

The POTLIGHT collection has only one model, and ALMA Light always supplies it with two fillings that are included in its packaging: one with beautiful wood shavings and the other with a nice handmade paper. Then each user can utilize those fillers, or others, or none at all. The base is ceramic/clay with a diameter of 21cm and the total height is 26cm. The double shade is composed of two borosilicate glass cylinders: a transparent outer glass and a sandblasted, more opaque, inner glass. POTLIGHT includes an E27 lamp holder, so light temperature and power are up to what the user decides when choosing a bulb. It has a cable with on-off switch, without a dimmer.

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