by Josep Novell  and Josep Puig

Sun (ref. 9309011)

by Josep Novell  and Josep Puig

SUN LED is a very versatile collection formed by pendant and ceiling lamps, with a circular shade of clear and simple shapes that reminds us of the sun, hence its name.

SUN LED is a collection-joker that adapts to any space and provides lots of light all around. We love SUN, its fully circular form, without edges, confers it an exceptional elegance. In the case of the ceiling lamp, the shade is separated from the ceiling, giving the impression that it is floating. SUN is applicable to any space that requires a powerful and discreet ceiling light, whether a dining room, a bedroom, a hallway, a shop or the reception area of ​​any professional, hotel or commercial establishment. 

The structure is made of epoxy white-painted iron. The screen is opal glass 'triplex' blown by hand. The maximum length of the pendant is 200cm and, when installed, can be shortened as each user requires. All SUN LED fittings include a powerful LED Epistar 18W 1800lm and 2700K, dimmable through TRIAC.

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