by José Manuel Mateo (Ozestudi)  and Anna Salvans (Ozestudi)

Nonet (ref. 2090)

by José Manuel Mateo (Ozestudi)  and Anna Salvans (Ozestudi)

NONET is a collection of indoor tabletops with a name that brings delicate French connotations, designed by José Manuel Mateo & Anna Salvans (Ozestudi). In this case, the focus falls directly on the material, an innovative PE (polyethylene) manufactured under the concept of 'circular economy' and developed exclusively for NONET.

We are super proud of NONET because it is original not only regarding its design, but also because of the material of its structure. This is a PE resulting from a three-way sustainability effort carried out between the designers, the ALMA Light technical department and the supplier's R&D section. We have worked hard to ensure that food industry packaging, marine litter and other waste obtained in collaboration with Spanish institutions dedicated to recycling and fishing boats, finally become perfect plates with a very beautiful, aesthetic finish, a 100% recycled product. , clean, useful, daily and long lasting. NONET represents, therefore, the maximum expression of sustainability and respect for the environment. Regarding its design, the starting point is two pieces of PE sheet that, combined together, generate a stable pedestal on which a glass sphere gently rests. NONET is a plea for simplicity, a fresh collection, with personality and timeless character, capable of combining with any environment and context. The neutrality of its shape allows it to be integrated into any decoration, and due to its bright colors it is ideal for avant-garde, modern interior designs and even with a 'vintage' touch. NONET is ideal as a supporting light on any furniture, floor or shelf surface, in the home or in a hotel, restaurant, retail space or cultural facility.

NONET is manufactured in two versions: simple (H31cm) and with handle (H37cm) and both can be supplied on/off with normal switch or dimmable with switch/dimmer. The structure is made of 18mm thick polyethylene (PE) sheet available in two colors: marbled green and marbled black/white. The lampshade is an 18cm diameter mat opal triplex glass sphere that houses a G9 socket compatible with an LED bulb (not included).

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