Paros Alabaster

by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

Paros Alabaster (ref. 2270)

by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

PAROS ALABASTER is a beautiful collection of light fixtures developed from the old PAROS collection of marble, now with the shade made of alabaster.

We love alabaster, because it gives each shade its own identity, with white and gray veinings, sometimes with some shade of a fascinating earthy color and a soft and warm translucence. It has a fine and polished touch and no two are the same, since each of them is made with a different fragment of the alabaster block. **As it is a 100% natural material extracted from a quarry, the variety of white, brown and gray veins is totally random**. What attracts us most of this collection is that it plays with the contrast between simple structures on one side and the heaviness of the stone on the other: the perfect balance between both is the axis of the collection. PAROS ALABASTER is ideal for elegant and distinguished spaces, whether in a home, in the lounge of a hotel, in classy hospitality spaces and, in general, in avant-garde interiors, although it also adapts to vintage or minimalist decorative styles.

The PAROS ALABASTER collection consists of four models: floor, table, wall and hanging lamp. The structure is painted white textured iron, and the shade is of polished alabaster. All versions include E14 sockets and the light source is not included, allowing the end user to choose, of all the bulbs on the market, the one which intensity and temperature of light they prefer, either traditional (max.20W) or LED.

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