Mizu (ref. 9280-9281)


MIZU is a collection of ceiling lamps with a touch of Asian design.

The word 'mizu' means 'water' in Japanese and, indeed, when we look at the shade of MIZU, we can see a trembling drop of water on a surface, whose movement has suddenly stopped, as if by magic. We love the waves of its contours, irregular, that create a very natural sensation. MIZU is intended to be placed on ceilings in any type of room, hallways or bathrooms, and will provide a white light sifted through its opal glass.

The MIZU collection consists of 4 variants of ceiling lamps: 2 diameters - 28cm and 19cm - and 2 types of shade. The glass is opal blown. The structure is made of epoxy painted iron and aluminum, and is presented in 3 finishes: white, silver and chrome. It incorporates lampholder G9 compatible with incandescent lamp or LED.

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