by Oriol Llahona

Madame (ref. 4650)

by Oriol Llahona

MADAME is an elegant collection of wall lamps whose most visible feature is its metallic shade of clean lines.

We love MADAME because it is fine, elegant, discreet and does not dazzle. The light is projected up sifted through its sandblasted glass, and down through the opening of the shade. Its light is bright, because the interior of the shade, silver or gold, provides a very aesthetic and relaxing light effect. MADAME is an ideal luminaire for headboard, for hallway lighting in homes, hotels and installations, and generally for any point where an indirect point of light on the wall is required.

The MADAME collection consists of 1 model large, 25cm wide. The screen is made of epoxy-painted iron and is available in 2 finishes: white outside/silver inside and black outside/gold inside. It includes switch. It has G9 lampholder that can bear incandescent or LED lamps, depending on the user’s preferences.

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Some of our projects where this lamp appears

Hotel Melia Castilla (Madrid, Spain)