Led Pole

by Cristian Cubiñá

Led Pole (ref. 3160)

by Cristian Cubiñá

The POLE LED floor lamp is a light fixture with clean shapes, a vertical cylinder almost two meters high that emits light upwards through a diffuser at the top.

LED POLE is a satin pole of light, an imposing luminous baton. From its disc-shaped base rises a cylindrical section tube that culminates in a sandblasted methacrylate screen of identical section, inside which there is a powerful LED. The LED POLE is a functional lamp, without artifice. It provides ambient lighting that can also be dimmed, achieving the light that each moment requires, from a maximum power of 3500 lumens to a soft & cozy minimum intensity. It is perfect for the living room of a home, the lounge of a hotel, a common area in a facility and, in general, for any space that requires powerful, indirect and dimmable lighting.

LED POLE consists of a single model available in several finishes: anodized gold or silver, or textured painted in white or black. The structure is of extruded aluminum and the shade is made of solid sandblasted methacrylate. On the cable there is a pushbutton switch-dimmer, which allows the light intensity to be increased or decreased at will. The light source is an integrated Talex Stark 20W 3500lm 3000K CRI>90 LED module.

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