by Andrea Gelpí (Blaumel Studio)  and Iratxe González

Ophelia (ref. 2030)

by Andrea Gelpí (Blaumel Studio)  and Iratxe González

OPHELIA is a creation by Andrea Gelpí & Iratxe González for ALMA Light. It is an original table lamp with an innovative, modern and daring design that allows the user to create different environments by manually moving the four slats that make up its shade. OPHELIA rises elegantly with the aim of not being a simple wrapper for light, but a lamp capable of adapting to each user.

What most attracts our attention about OPHELIA is precisely the possibility of playing with it to achieve different types of lighting. The light source can remain visible, or partially covered, or completely hidden; this is achieved because the four slats of its shade, attached to the base by the wooden structure itself, rotate independently, generating different degrees of lighting. In addition, thanks to the design of the subjection and the little resistance offered by the methacrylate when rubbing against each other, a very clean, very easy rotation is achieved. The two outer slats have a 180º turn between them; the same happens with the two inner ones, with which the total rotation of the four slats of the screen is 360º. We really like its design, so unexpected, so different and innovative, we love his mischievous spirit. OPHELIA is ideal for a bedside table, on a low cabinet in the living room or hall, on a shelf... the possibilities are endless, since OPHELIA combines with decorations where a beautifully disruptive element has room.

OPHELIA is produced in two sizes, large and small. It includes an E27 or E14 socket depending on lamp size, and an on-off switch along the cable. The shade is made of methacrylate, available in opal white matt on the outside and in the new Black & White, also matt on the outside, which has the characteristic of being black, but when light passes through it, it becomes white. The base is made of hand-turned oak wood, sanded and varnished in a natural finish. It includes a solid iron disc at the bottom in a matt brass bath finish, which gives weight and stability to this light fixture.

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