Totem I

by Cristian Cubiñá

Totem I (ref. 3000)

by Cristian Cubiñá

TOTEM I is a decorative floor lamp that combines iron and glass, and which most visible feature is its fluted glass cylinder that forms a beautiful luminous column along its entire length.

What most seduces us about TOTEM I is its timeless design, with retro hints and a unique shine. We like it because it transmits delicate contrasts: strength and softness, presence and discretion, weight and lightness; and because it is designed to really illuminate, that is, to provide general light to the entire space by projecting light at 360 degrees. We really think that it can bring a great deal of personality to simple and minimalist interior designs… or quite the opposite: blend in with complex interior designs, thus becoming a versatile light fitting adaptable to any space. It is ideal for the living room of a home, or to give that special touch to a retail space, common areas of a hotel or restaurant, a waiting room or a large facility. And, as it is an easily customizable light fixture in the finishes of the structure, TOTEM I can be adapted to all types of projects.

The TOTEM I collection is made up of a single model, a floor lamp. The shade is made of transparent fluted borosilicate glass 150cm high and 15cm in diameter. The structure is made up of the base and the upper cover, both made of iron in two finishes: textured black painted, and satin bronze by electrolytic bath. This light fixture is not dimmable and the light source is a 150cm T8 non-dimmable LED single-ended G13 tube (not included).

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