Flat Led

by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

Flat Led (ref. 4416)

by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

FLAT is a wall lamp with a sober appearance and a strong personality.

We like FLAT, we love its serenity, its simplicity, its urban and contemporary style, its solidity. FLAT is a happy combination of a metallic rectangle of indirect light that bathes all the space around it, and a LED line integrated in its reading arm, that can be directed to where the user wishes. FLAT is ideal to be installed in bedrooms. Since it is a robust product, it is especially suitable for hotels and hospitality facilities.

FLAT is made of iron and is presented in a single model with two finishes, metallic nickel and white painted, although for large projects it can be painted in the color desired by the customer. The reading arm contains a LED (3W Cree 3000K 260lm) and, on the back, FLAT houses an E27 lamp holder that allows the user to choose, among all market possibilities, the incandescent or LED lamp that suits their tastes as to intensity and color of light.

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