Flat Led

by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

Flat Led (ref. 4416)

by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

FLAT LED is a collection formed by a single model of bed headboard lamp with a sober look and a strong personality.

We love its serenity, its simplicity, its urban and contemporary style, its solidity, which are its main features. FLAT LED is a happy combination between a metallic rectangular flat piece of indirect light that bathes the entire space around it, and the line drawn by its reading arm with integrated LED, that can be oriented wherever the user wants, facilitating reading or any activity that requires clear lighting. FLAT LED is ideal to be installed in bedrooms. As it is a robust product, it is especially ideal for hotels and hospitality facilities.

The FLAT LED wall lamp is made of iron and comes in a white or black textured painted finish, although for special projects it can be painted in the color desired by the buyer. The reading arm contains a non-dimmable LED Cree 3W 3000K 260lm 30º CRI>80, with its 90-264V.2.5-4.5Vdc.700mA driver included. On the back of the FLAT LED there is an E27 lamp holder (bulb not included) that allows the election, among all the possibilities on the market, of the LED that suits user’s taste in terms of light color. FLAT LED is available with a single on/off switch for the reading arm (in this case the rear light works with the wall switch in the headboard or room), or with two switches, one on/off for the arm and another one for the rear light.

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