by Andrea Gelpí (Blaumel Studio)

Fold (ref. Fold IN)

by Andrea Gelpí (Blaumel Studio)

FOLD is a collection of table lamps designed by Andrea Gelpí from Blaumel Studio, which embodies the essence of simplicity, sustainability and minimalism. FOLD has a very aesthetic and functional design, with an ecological focus as it is made only with two noble recyclable and reusable materials: iron and glass.

We love the FOLD collection because it is made up of highly decorative luminaires that add a touch of design to any space. We like it, because it is a support light and at the same time a fixture capable of creating atmospheres: the perforated metal sheet of its structure allows the light that comes from its interior to filter through its tiny holes, thus generating different light perceptions around. We love its showiness and its intertwined shape that permits us to contemplate all its layers, transmitting sobriety, transparency and elegance. And we like its versatility, as FOLD is designed to be placed both on the floor and on the surface of furniture: shelves, table or nightstand, auxiliary furniture... providing an even more beautiful effect when its various sizes are combined one next to the other. FOLD is ideal for illuminating a private home, as well as for being part of hotel or restaurant projects, cultural settings or commercial spaces.

FOLD is manufactured in two sizes: large, with a height of 45cm, and small, about 30cm high. The structure is made of perforated iron sheet in two finishes: metallic and painted. The first is achieved using bronze or gold metallic varnish, and the painting is white, black or corten textured epoxy. The interior lampshade is a matt opal triplex glass sphere that holds a G9 socket compatible with an LED bulb. FOLD has a simple on/off switch along the cable.

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