by Héctor Serrano

Constellation (ref. 5120)

by Héctor Serrano

CONSTELLATION is a collection inspired, on the one hand, by the mobiles developed by Alexander Calder and Joan Miró, created almost simultaneously with identical name, without them knowing each other, each in their own area: Calder in sculpture and Miró in painting. On the other, CONSTELLATION is also inspired in the fascination caused by the constellations of the Cosmos, the stars, their balance and beauty. CONSTELLATION is a stunning and asymmetrical luminaire that maintains, despite its complex configurations, a perfect balance, giving a dynamic sensation to the space in a constant change, depending on the observer's point of view. A thin metal tube draws a structure that ends in blown glass spheres of three different diameters, that dissipate the light in a soft and warm manner. CONSTELLATION provides a stylish touch between 'Art-Déco’ and Mid-century.

We truly love CONSTELLATION because it allows us to play with its composition, starting from a base-structure that can be replicated by adding rods with different lengths to create larger volume compositions. We also feel that CONSTELLATION is very beautiful and a powerful focal point, we find it ideal for commercial premises, for a living room or a dining room in a home, or installed in restaurant spaces, hotels and, in general, in areas that require a showy and highly decorative and trendy pendant.

The CONSTELLATION collection is made up of a single fixed structure of 4 shades (1 large, 1 medium and 2 small) that can be supplied as it is, or repeated once, twice, or more, to create more complex modules of 8 shades or 12 shades (or more), always multiples of the initial structure and the same proportion in terms of shade diameters. This versatility allows the professional to create large chandeliers adapted to the needs of any project. The shades are made of matte opal triplex glass, the big 18cm in diameter, the medium 15cm and the small 12cm. The structure is made of brass in two possible finishes: polished brass or textured black painted. The sockets are G9 type, and it is the end user who decides the power, the temperature of the light and the option for the light fixture to be dimmable, when purchasing one type or another of bulb.

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