by Cristian Cubiñá

Candle (ref. 2250)

by Cristian Cubiñá

CANDLE is an elegant design-candle light.

What we love about CANDLE is that it denotes well-being, relaxation, tranquility. A room lit by a dim candlelight is always romantic, and the light and shade effect provides a warm and serene atmosphere. Likewise, CANDLE -whose intensity of light can be regulated to an almost imperceptible minimum- contributes to that sensual and distended touch to any bedroom, to a shelf, a room or a space destined to rest or practice activities such as meditation or Yoga.

CANDLE is small -it measures 35 cm in height- and it works with LED technology (6W Edison SMD with a maximum intensity of 520 lumens and a warm temperature of 3000K). The light is diffused through the opal triplex crystal cylinder. The regulation is obtained by gently pressing the switch-regulator located at the base of the luminaire.

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