by Oriol Llahona

Spike (ref. 5750)

by Oriol Llahona

SPIKE is a metallic with a die-cut pattern. We love SPIKE, its large format, its transparencies, its transgressor spirit and its beautiful visual impact. The spike-shaped thread of this pendant is precisely the characteristic pattern in the shade of its luminaires. The perforations are cut with laser and, when the lamp is on, they create a sophisticated game of light and shadows. SPIKE can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and it is ideal for the dining room or the terrace of a home, or for dining spaces, hotel halls and hospitality spaces both indoors and outdoors.

SPIKE consists of a pendant model, both for indoor or outdoor indistinctly. It is made with white painted metal plate, and includes an opal acrylic diffuser that incorporates a circular panel of LED light (Epistar 24W, 3000K, 2500lm).

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