by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

Blow (ref. 5700V)

by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

BLOW is a large family of light fixtures –floor, table and several hanging- that are formed by matching structure on one side, and glass on the other.

BLOW is a lamp whose appearance depends 100% on how the user decides to complement it with the glass or glasses chosen from the 8 available, which can all be the same, or can be mixed & matched. We love the creativity it allows, the freedom it leaves to build it, as if it were a game. Depending on how it is customized, BLOW can provide a cheerful, playful or festive air, or a more distinguished and serious touch to homes, recreational facilities or installations of all kinds.

The collection is made of an iron structure painted or electroplated and always has three finishes: white, nickel and chrome. It is formed by a floor model, a table model and several suspensions, either individual -with which can be created infinite combinations-, a cluster of 8 lights, a suspension of 5 lights with circular ceiling plate, or a suspension of 4 lights with linear ceiling plate. It incorporates LED technology, that is to say, it includes lamp of the type Cree 3W, 700mA, 180 lumens, with a pleasant temperature of 3000K and the corresponding driver. The glasses, of different size and shape -4 of conical type and 4 of rounded forms-, are made of blown glass, enameled white inside.

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