by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

SuperMoon (ref. 5860)

by Josep Novell  and Ernest Perera

SUPERMOON is a large format luminaire developed from the classic MOON, this time with four moons articulated in a tree-like structure that can be installed as a ceiling or as a pendant.

SUPERMOON looks impressive to us, is imposing as a tree and bright as a constellation of moons. It comes in two identical models in their shape, only that they vary in their way of placement: ceiling, when installed glued to the ceiling, and pendant, with ceiling plate and cable. The possibility of rotating the shades in each of the "branches" allows to configure the set of four moons in countless different ways, giving a unique organic sensation. Also the dimming option multiplies its personalization. SUPERMOON allows to illuminate large spaces such as hotel halls or high ceiling areas in large spaces, such as conference halls, museums, atriums or shopping centers.

This collection is equipped with LED technology of 40W which has a considerable luminous flux of 3250 lumens in a very nice tone of 3000K, in each of its moons. The structure is presented in textured white, although it is possible to customize it in special color if desired.

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