by Oriol Llahona

Profile (ref. 4220)

by Oriol Llahona

PROFILE is a strong metallic wall lamp with a design of clean lines and a powerful light output.

The PROFILE collection seduces us because it gives a lot of light, it is of high design and, at the same time, it is simple, discreet and elegant. It is a robust rectangle that simultaneously lights up and down, bathing the entire wall with its powerful LED light, without dazzling. It is ideal to be installed in corridors, stairs, hotel rooms, youth bedrooms and, in general, spaces whose walls require a great contribution of light.

PROFILE comes in three sizes, 20cm, 35cm and 50cm, and in two finishes, silver and painted white. The structure is made of aluminum and the two diffusers, one located at the top and the other at the bottom, are made of methacrylate. It bears two LED strips inside each diffuser, and its light offers a pleasant temperature of 3000K and a high luminous performance. Each measure includes a different LED depending on the length.