Led Box

by Cristian Cubiñá

Led Box (ref. 5080)

by Cristian Cubiñá

The LED BOX pendant collection consists of several combinations whose main element is a metal ‘box’ that contains a solid glass ‘box’ inside.

We like LED BOX because it is bright, elegant and discreet. Its shape, its shiny finish and the way the light is sifted through the glass make us think of a luminous futuristic domino game with the pieces placed vertically, waiting for the play. LED BOX is perfect for places that require individual or linear suspensions, such as a bar counter, a store desk, a hotel reception, a buffet or a long table top with stools in a design kitchen.

The collection of LED BOX pendants consists of three models: individual, 4 lights and 6 lights, always with linear ceiling plate. The structure is made of mirror-polished stainless steel, the screen is made of mirror-polished die-cast aluminum and a sandblasted glass body. Each screen contains a Citizen 3W 250lm and 3000K LED. The driver and all LED lamps are included.