by Cristian Cubiñá

Drop (ref. 5101)

by Cristian Cubiñá

The DROP pendant collection is a classic by Alma Light, one of its flagships, its most well-known luminaire. It stands out above all for its famous transparent glass in the shape of a drop and for its great variety of models.

What we love about DROP is its brightness, its luminosity, its visibility, its presence. DROP is beautiful and eye-catching, and when lit it creates a show of brilliance and brings a lot of light. It is ideal to be placed in homes, retail and dining spaces. Over time, we have seen it placed in very different places -restaurants, common areas of hotels, shops, urban residences, old restored houses, halls- but we believe that it combines especially with contemporary interiors that include details of select design and a lot of modernity.

The DROP halogen collection is composed of several suspensions:

Single of 170cm

Cluster of 19 y 37 lights (in three lengths, ‘S’ de 70cm, ‘Standard’ of 170cm max.-110cm min., and ‘XL’ de 350cm max.-290cm min.)

With quadrangular ceiling plate, of 16 and 24 lights, length 170cm. These allow all lights to be installed at the same level, or permit the possibility of playing with lengths and install them all in different heights

Downlight –embedded- fitting (transformer is not supplied, it has to be ordered separately depending on whether it is installed alone or in groups)

The structure of all DROP halogen fittings is made of chromed iron and the shades are made of borolisicate transparent blown glass. All include electronic transformer that allows dimming, provided that the dimming system at the installation is inductive & resistive, that is, compatible with electronic transformers. The sockets in the DROP halogen are always G4 and bulbs are always included and replaceable.