Bath B

by Oriol Llahona

Bath B (ref. 4410)

by Oriol Llahona

It is a sober, quadrangular wall fitting, with a certain angular complexity, for areas in need of a fluorescent lighting that, at the same time, require an original and austere design.

What we like most about BATH B is its serious and intellectual touch, the most distinguished disguise a simple fluorescent can possibly wear. That erudite spirit is what makes it ideal for illuminating large-format photographs, works of art, spaces with book shelves, and why not, high-end kitchens and bathrooms, offices, dressing rooms, hallways, or in school spaces, hotels or hospital facilities.

The luminaire, which comes in 4 lengths (60, 90, 120 and 150cm), consists of a painted iron structure and an opal methacrylate shade, with a single white finish, capable of housing a high performance T5 fluorescent.